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Visit of representatives of the Dutch Embassy


We had the honor and priviledge to have our rose garden in Temerin visited by Cohen van Ginneken Agricultural Attaché, Ineke van de Weijgaert, representative of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Netherlands, Aida Lahi, representative of the Dutch Embassy in Albania, Ivan Iliev representative of the Embassy of Netherlands in Macedonia, Tamas Horongozo and Zoltan Szaszi, representatives of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Hungary, Bojana Arsić, an economic advisor at the Embassy in Belgrade and Mila Mirković, an agricultural advisor at the Embassy of the Netherlands in Serbia. We introduced our work to dear guests and exchanged knowledge and experiences with them. It was a pleasantly spent time during which we enjoyed smelling the roses and tasting some delicious rose products. We are always glad to spend some quality time with our friends from the Dutch Embassy and we are looking forward to their next visit.