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Our company, Pheno Geno Roses, has been involved from the very start, in several rose research projects. Mainly due to the fact that our mother company Roath b.v. is located in the Netherlands, research projects are mostly located there as well. However, a part of the practical testing is conducted on the trial fields in Serbia such as our winter hardiness tests which are just a small part of our commercial breeding program.

Our vision is to become a leader in the application of modern techniques, combining them with the art of breeding, so we could fashion roses by everyone’s liking. Bringing satisfaction to our customers as well as listening to their needs is something we’ve made a commitment to.



In our section PGR Library, you can find different kinds of scientific papers related to our work and research, newspaper articles about our company, and other interesting material we wanted to share with you.

Some topics you can find in our library are rose genetics, biotechnology, selection of garden roses, plant physiology, 3B-bees, butterflies and birds, rose disease detection and resistance, rose seed germination, rose fragrance, and others.