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Third on the left: Biljana Božanić Tanjga
General Manager in Serbia a founding member of PGR. PhD in progress. Involved in all phases of rose breeding, combining her experience and breeding knowledge to select and promote innovative phenotype-genotype roses combinations.

First on the right: Mirjana Vukosavljev
(Head of Research Development) - responsible for several research projects, including 4-year research at WUR Plant Breeding Department, where she obtained her PhD on marker-assisted breeding in garden roses. She is a Breeder and the Head of the Research Department in Pheno Geno Roses d.o.o.

Second on the left: Olivera Ilić
(Breeder) - has obtained her PhD in Biotechnical sciences at the Department of Field and Vegetable Crops, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Novi Sad, Serbia, where she spent several years as a scientific researcher. She works in PGR as an assistant breeder.
Second on the right: Deniza Milićev
(Test Facilities manager) - With almost 10 years of experience in working with roses, she continues to expand her expertise as a part of PGR team, turning theoretical knowledge into practical use. First from the left:

First on the left: Isidora Ludoški
(Marketing Assistant) - The newest member of our team,
currently working as a creative assistant in the marketing field. She makes the connections between scientific work,
technology, and design in order to present Pheno Geno Roses to consumers and cooperatives.