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Pheno Geno Roses is a company with a rich and beautiful history.

It all started in a small Dutch family-owned nursery that has been cultivating roses since 1956. Another important year for the company is 2009 when it started to form the shape which it has today as it was founded as a research and breeding company. The first steps were licensing proprietary genetic material, introducing new plants, and starting to develop a recognizable and trustworthy brand. More than a decade later, Pheno Geno Roses has breeding, research, and production facilities based in Serbia and Netherlands.

We create and grow first-class roses for modern rose lovers. Even though the core of our company is based on tradition and experience we strive to focus on the future, to use the latest scientific achievements and techniques in order to create exquisite, healthier, more beautiful, and fragrant roses. Our goal is to meet the diverse needs and demands of our customers and to make roses that are not only pretty but important because of their unique properties.


About Us


Pheno Geno Roses b.v. Witveldweg 33, 5971 NS Grubbenvorst, The Netherlands

Pheno Geno Roses d.o.o Maršala Tita 75, 23326 Ostojićevo Serbia