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what we offer

Pheno Geno Roses is a rose breeding and production company. We focus mainly on selling licensed varieties and other proprietary genetic material to growers, and since recently we also provide wholesale of barerooted and halfpacked roses. Next to these we also offer a range of services to professionals and plant lovers alike. Find a full list below or contact us for more information.

Licencing – we offer licenses of our varieties as well as our other proprietary genetic material to growers. We can provide you with stock plants, buds, rooted cuttings or bareroot material to get you started

Contract Breeding – request a customized rose variety bred and tested according to your demands, or choose from a large number of our own half-material and different varieties that we are currently testing

Testing – detailed results on your roses tested under specific conditions of climate and soil

Research – developing new methods and applications in the area of conventional and modern breeding, genetic research, rose growing and rose products utilization

Consulting – contact our team of experts and get the answers to your questions

Lectures & Workshops – customized transfer of knowledge for beginners or experts alike

Roses for a special occasion (name your own rose variety) – delight your loved ones with an everlasting gift. Request a specific colour and shape and we will find it among our still unnamed varieties or breed it exclusively for you

Photography – images of our varieties or specific promotional images of roses in different setting are available to our customers for hire to produce labels, leaflets, catalogues and other promotional material. Images are supplied in digital format

Rose Garden events – we offer rental of our rose fields for private outdoor events and happenings. Available by appointment only

Our focus lies mainly on garden and landscape roses but we are very closely listening to our customers’ needs as well as following the trends and tendencies of the market.

Research and breeding programs that we are particularly proud of put roses in a different kind of spotlight – for the first time we have created improved varieties that can be used for food. And with our latest program that put focus on fragrance and essential oil content we aim to create an all-senses experience – roses that can be used in aromatherapy and cosmetics, as well as healthy and delicious meals.

Our varieties are protected by plant breeders’ rights, meaning all propagation, multiplication and sales is strictly prohibited without PGR’s prior written permission.

If you are interested in acquiring licenses for PGR varieties, or other genetic and half-material, please contact us for more information.

We bring our roses in different colours, flower shapes and fragrances as a perfect choice for a luxury present, such as perfume and jewelry, to indulge every women’s taste.

With the aim to introduce one new collection each year, we invite you to have a look at our catalog and choose the rose of your liking.