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PGR is headed to IPM Essen 2020


IPM is the world’s leading horticultural trade fair that has held annually at Messe Essen since 1983. Over the course of 4 days, from 28th to 31st of January, visitors will have a chance to look at modern and environmentally friendly plants and technologies. Main focus will be on heat- and cold-tolerant plant and shrub varieties, easy-to-care for indoor plants and pots made of sustainable and biodegradable materials.
With over 41,000 visitors and more than 1500 exhibitors that were part of the event in previous editions, Pheno Geno Roses aims to introduce broader audience with the achievements that had happened in the company in the past year.
    •    We have a newcomer in our Edible roses Taste of love® collection.
    •    We have undertaken new projects that will serve small and urban gardens with pollinator friendly plants.  
    •    We are finishing our project on super-fragrant roses for Aromatherapy and extraction of etheric oils.
We invite everyone to join us at our stand 8A20 in hall 8, where we will have degustation of food based on rose petals.
For detailed schedule and more about fair, please check official IPM page: