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Moritz Ice made new ice cream flavour with PGR roses!


PGR bred Edible Rose ‘Theo Clevers’™ was used for making new flavour of ice cream at the famous Ice cream parlour Moritz Ice.

Moritz Ice follows innovative trends of slow food movement with a respect of tradition and cultural heritage. We are truly delighted that they have recognized the potential of our brand of specially bred Edible roses from Taste of Love® collection.

Rosa ‘Theo Clevers’™ have delicate fragrance and flavour of sweet strawberries. Its feminine pink colour preserves well during processing and cooking. It is quite healthy, and it can be grown organically.

For all those that want to try sensual and delicate flavour of this creamy delight can visit Moritz Ice shops in Belgrade and Novi Sad.

Enjoy the new taste of summer!