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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Well, we must admit that 2020 was anything but a boring year.

However, at the end of the year, when all things are considered, we have to admit that we have now truly learned certain things we thought we knew before. We have learned that no matter what, solidarity and teamwork always win. We have also learned that investing in science is not a waste of money, but the driving force of humanity. And perhaps most of all, we have learned to appreciate nature and freedom at the moments when we were deprived of them. Just how much that small yard or a couple of plants on the terrace meant to us.

And now, while we are looking forward to 2021, we can say that we will enter it stronger, more determined and with many modest wishes - that once again we can spend time with each other, travel abroad, share a hug…

On behalf of the entire Pheno Geno Roses team, we want next year to fulfil all your wishes, even the immodest ones, and as they often say in our business – may your roses never stop blooming!


Happy holidays!

PGR team