2019 for PGR in an important year, not just because we have started several new projects, but also because we are celebrating our 10th anniversary!

A decade ago, we’ve made our first crosses and watched our first seedlings grow into what are now exciting new varieties on the market. With each new year we have strived to be better and have achieved, one by one, milestones in research and breeding, starting with our now well-known Winterjewel collection and raising breeding standards with Edible roses project. But we do not plan to stop here, as we continue our work on Disease and Fragrance projects. The future for roses has never been this bright.

In the honour of this important date, we have opened our doors to our partners, clients and friends with a two-day manifestation that took place in Temerin and Novi Sad.

Over 30 guests from all over the Europe - growers, breeders, academics and government representatives spent time with our team, asked questions about our work and participated in educational and entertaining programs we have prepared.

We wish to thank them all for coming and celebrating this big date for us, and we wish to see them all again for PGR’s 20th anniversary with much more to show as we grow bigger year after year.