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PGR team vas a guest of honor on Lottum festival in Netherlands. We had the opportunity to present our own Cookbook and to baptize another edible rose – Nadia Zerouali®. This unique bright yellow rose has powerful citrus aroma and is perfect for use in refreshing drinks and Mediterranean cuisine.

Baptismal ceremony took place in Saturday, 11th of August and was led by head of Lottum festival Jan Thielen, City officials and famous 24h Kitchen chef herself.

There were several workshops about edible roses held during the festival – rose breeding workshop was held by PGR’s CEO Peter Cox, Willianne Sluiter showed people how to grow edible roses by themselves, our guest Nadia Zerouali held cooking classes for everyone interested in cooking with edible roses and ice cream makers from Clevers showed the crowd how to make delicious ice cream with PGR roses – Nadia and Renée.

Also, our Cookbook made its debut and attract lot of attention to our stand. People were interested to learn how to cook with roses and discover all kind of different and interesting meals you can make using rose petals.

If you are also interested in cooking with roses, or just want to look at the recipes, you can download our Cookbook for free till the end of this month right here on our website!

Our team had a wonderful time on this festival and we promise to come back next time with more exclusive varieties of roses.