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Rosa 'Raspberry'™

Bozedib024 - Edible rose with a sweet flavour of fruit candies

Rosa Raspberry

COLOUR: Deep pink
FLOWER TYPE: Very double
ROSE TYPE: Small to medium-sized shrub
HEIGHT: 40-50 cm
PLANTS/m2: 4-5

A medium-sized variety with beautiful deep pink flowers borne on a compact, healthy shrub making it perfect for planting in the middle of the flower border. For best flower display, plant them in groups with perennials of strong colours. Its small growing habitus also makes it suitable for growing in larger pots on terraces or balconies. Flat flowers are borne in clusters all season long.



FRAGRANCE & TASTE: Sweet fruity taste of candies
HARVEST TIME: Half to fully open flowers, best in the early morning
BEST KITCHEN USE: Salads, confectionery and beverages

Sweet and pleasant aroma of this rose makes it suitable for all kinds of confectionery and beverages. Excellent variety for homemade rose water. Its eye appealing deep pink colour and numerous small petals gives it a wide range of use as food decoration. We recommend it for cold drinks where you can serve it in a lemonade, or just put a handful of petals in a fruit smoothie and enjoy in its flowery taste. It is suitable for use in salads but be mindful of the quantity of petals used since its intensive flavour can overtake the taste. Petals can also be dried and used for tea in the cold winter months to lift your spirit with a lovely raspberry and flowery scent of summer.

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