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Rosa ‘Theo Clevers’™

Bozkatafra - Edible rose with a delicate strawberry aroma

Rosa Theo Clevers

FRAGRANCE & TASTE: Gentle strawberry aroma
BEST KITCHEN USE: Confectionery, salads and beverages
HEIGHT: 70-80 cm
PLANTS/m2: 4-5

This medium-sized shrub has beautiful rosette-shaped flowers that are borne in large, tight clusters. Quite floriferous plant that blooms all season long. Perfect for growing in organic conditions as it is very healthy and trouble free. They mix well with other shrub roses as well as medium-sized perennials. You can plant them next to pergolas or porches where they will give an astounding effect in a combination with perennial vines and climbers. Also suitable for growing in larger pots.


FRAGRANCE & TASTE: Gentle strawberry aroma
HARVEST TIME: Half to fully open flowers, best in the early morning
BEST KITCHEN USE: Confectionery, salads and beverages

Large clusters of fully-double flowers that blooms profusely throughout the season ensures that you will have an abundance of petals to satisfy all your culinary delights! Due to its sweet flavour it is best used in confectioneries such as rose petal preserve, rose syrup or rose water that you can add to any cake. They also make a colourful addition to fruit salads or cold beverages. Our personal favourite is rose petal ice cream, a delicacy whose recipe was designed for us by the famous Dutch ice cream maker Mr. Theo Clevers whose name this beautiful rose bears. Numerous, yet relatively small petals are also perfect for decoration whether they are used fresh or dried.

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