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Rosa ‘Eveline Wild’™

Boznatafra - Edible rose with a sweet fruity flavour

Rosa Eveline Wild

COLOR: Apricot
FRAGRANCE & TASTE: Fruity and flowery fragrance with a delicate sweet taste
BEST KITCHEN USE: Confectionery and beverages
HEIGHT: 60-70 cm
PLANTS/m2: 4-5

Rosa ‘Eveline Wild’TM is a medium sized shrub with somewhat nodding branches due to large terminal clusters with plenty of flowers. It is quite suitable for middle of the border, but due to its compact size, it can also be grown in lager pots on balconies. It mixes well with medium-sized perennials as well as other roses of light colours. Very healthy and trouble free rose.


FRAGRANCE & TASTE: Fruity and flowery fragrance with a delicate sweet taste
HARVEST TIME: Half to fully open flowers, best in the early morning
BEST KITCHEN USE: Confectionery and beverages

Sweet fruity and flowery fragrance of this rose are exactly what your sweet treats have been missing. Its petals have a silky texture and pleasant sweet flavour of honey and apricots. It is perfect for confectionery but also goes well in fruit or light summer salads and it is also colourful addition to different kind of beverages. Named after the famous Austrian confectioner, we recommend trying it in a combination with chocolate – a recipe Eveline developed herself. Since rose petals contain most of the aromatic compounds and essential oils in the early morning when the sun is still not too high on the horizon, our suggestion is to harvest your roses then, as they will have most intensive flavour at that time.


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