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Rosa ‘Renée van Wegberg’™

Bozmilefra - Edible rose with a light sweet taste comparable with raspberry.

Rosa Renée van Wegberg

COLOUR: Gentle Pink
FRAGRANCE & TASTE: Strong sweet and fruity fragrance with a sugary raspberry taste
BEST KITCHEN USE: Confectionery, salads and beverages
HEIGHT: 60-70 cm
PLANTS/m2: 4-5

It is a medium-sized shrub, perfect for planting next to porches, even as a potted plant on balconies. It has cup-shaped flowers with large, fragrant petals of silky texture. Rosa ‘Renée van Wegberg’™ can be grown organically since it is quite disease resistant and requires low maintenance. Its lively pink colour stands out the best when planted next to light-green or silver leaved decorative shrubs. It prefers full sun.


FRAGRANCE & TASTE: Sweet fruity taste of raspberries
HARVEST TIME: Half to fully open flowers, best in the early morning
BEST KITCHEN USE: Confectionery, salads and beverages

Delightfully scented and with a sweet taste of raspberries, this rose is ideal in a combination with fruits, it’s perfect for jams, candies or other sweets. Petals are large and decorative. Colour holds well during cooking or drying so it is suitable for processed food. It also goes well in salads where it adds colour and flavour to your ordinary greens. Rosa ‘Renée van Wegberg’™ bears the name of a famous Dutch actress and singer which says a lot of this gentle and merry rose. Its beauty, fragrance and abundance of blooms will bring style and eminence to your home.


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