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Rosa ‘Decoration’™

Bozamulmel - Edible rose for decoration

Rosa Decoration

COLOUR: Vibrant-red
ROSE TYPE: Small shrub, pot rose
HEIGHT: 40-50 cm
PLANTS/m2: 5-6

This variety is a small compact shrub prefect for pots or as a border plant in your garden where its intensive red colour of flowers will best be noticed. It is very healthy and needs no special maintenance. It blooms profusely giving abundance of flowers so rest assured that you will enjoy in the beauty of this rose throughout the entire blooming season.


FRAGRANCE & TASTE: Neutral taste and fragrance
HARVEST TIME: Flower buds and open flowers, best in the early morning
BEST KITCHEN USE: Very high amounts of Vitamin C and antioxidants, best use fresh. Excellent variety for food decoration

Due to its effective red colour, you can use buds or petals of this rose as a decoration on cakes, or in main courses, broths and stews where it will not only add an interesting appeal to your food but also improve the nutritional value of the meal itself. In fact, Rosa ‘Decoration’™ has the highest amounts of vitamin C and antioxidants in the entire Edible roses collection! Meaning this rose is not only a beautiful decoration but also very good for your health. Our recommendation is to use it fresh since some of the nutrients such as antioxidants are lost in thermal processing of food.

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